$95.00 for Fifty Minute Teletherapy Sessions
Couples, Families, and Individual Adult Therapy Sessions

I provide psychotherapy sessions over the phone to clients seeking therapy in the comfort of their home.  I work with clients remotely to assist them in attaining their therapeutic goals by providing more accessibility and an interactive approach.  I specialize in working with couples and families in conflict dealing with interpersonal relationship challenges and incompatible communication styles.  I work with couples and families in all stages of relationships on building and/or restructuring unfulfilling aspects of relationships to construct emotionally satisfying relationships for all parties.

I also work with families facing difficult transitions, such as grief and divorce, phase of life challenges, and emotional distress.  I believe in working from a strength based therapeutic perspective.  I also value the importance of the entire family and specialize in working with families from a family systems approach.

Additionally, I assist adult clients experiencing interpersonal relationship challenges, trauma, difficult transitions such as grief and divorce, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other life challenges.  I maintain a strong interest toward helping others with emotional healing.  I work with my clients utilizing diverse therapeutic techniques to develop individual treatment plans that suit their therapeutic goals and needs, while helping to bring them to a place of healing.

I like to work with my clients by helping them find their path to self-discovery, renewed mental health, and counsel them to living emotionally satisfying lives.

I believe that when one has the ability to ask for help it is a symbol of strength and courage.

To Schedule A Teletherapy Appointment Please Call:
(949) 391-6381
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