As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide teletherapy sessions to, couples, families, and individual adults.  As a therapist, I assist clients with moving toward emotional healing by finding their path to self-discovery and thus living emotionally satisfying lives.

My role as a therapist is to help my clients on their own life journey by exploring various paths and choices.  Furthermore, it is my role to assist my clients through current or previous challenges, thus enabling them to move forward on their journey.

I maintain a strong foundation in many theoretical approaches but believe in working from an eclectic orientation.  I believe therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and client.  As a result, I utilize diverse therapeutic techniques to develop individual treatment plans that suit my clients’ therapeutic goals and needs.

I understand that each individual moves at their own pace when engaging in the therapeutic process.  I believe the process is unique to each individual and it is my role to assist them at their individual pace and comfort level.  The focus of my therapy work is to meet my clients where they are at emotionally and follow their pace towards emotional healing.



I provide teletherapy online or via phone sessions.  Teletherapy utilizes technology to make psychotherapy accessible to everyone.  Teletherapy provides a convenient and effective way for individuals who are looking for an alternative means other than a traditional office for therapy.


Couples, Families, and Individual Adult Therapy Sessions:

I provide psychotherapy sessions over the phone to clients seeking therapy in the comfort of their home.  I work with clients via these multimedia platforms and assist them in attaining their therapeutic goals by providing more accessibility and an interactive approach.  I work with adults, couples, and families in conflict dealing with interpersonal relationship challenges and incompatible communication styles.  Additionally, I work with individuals in all stages of relationships on building and/or restructuring unfulfilling aspects of relationships to construct emotionally satisfying relationships for all parties.  I also assist clients experiencing anxiety, depression, difficult transitions such as immigration and divorce, and a myriad of other life challenges.


Family Therapy:

Many families face struggles and challenges; I believe it is helpful to have a contained therapeutic space for families to express their emotions to each other.  In family therapy, having an objective party to assist with negotiating family conflicts can be very helpful.  I work from a family systems approach and involve as many family members as desired to achieve resolution.  Every family is unique and it is important for me to address the needs of each family and each family member in a way that best suits the entire family.

I work with families facing challenges such as:

• Families in Crisis

        • Families Experiencing Divorce

        • Families Facing Difficult Transitions

        • Families Engaging in Incompatible Communication Styles

        • Families Experiencing Conflict or Dissension among Members

        • Families in Grief

        • Families Facing Multi-Generational Difficulties

        • Multicultural and Interfaith Families Struggling with Unification



Couples Counseling:

In couples counseling, I believe it is important that each individual is allowed the space to communicate their needs and wants within the relationship.  As a therapist, I provide a space of therapeutic exploration, where couples can understand and uncover deeper meanings and emotions.  Processing and understanding deeper meanings and emotions often results in more fulfilling relationships with each other.  Furthermore, the exploration of couples’ challenges will enable couples to develop solutions and relationship building skills through enhanced communication.  Thus, creating new relationship patterns, often resulting in bringing couples closer.

I work with couples facing challenges such as:

        • Couples in Conflict

        • Couples in Crisis Dealing with Interpersonal Relationship Challenges

        • Couples Experiencing Domestic Violence

        • Couples Feeling Unfulfilled in Their Relationship

        • Couples Engaging in Incompatible Communication Styles

        • Marriage Counseling

        • Pre-Marital Counseling

        • Couples Sex Therapy

        • LGBTQIA+ Couples Therapy

        • Infidelity

        • Multicultural and Interfaith Couples and Families Struggling with Unification


Adult Individual Therapy:

I believe it is important to meet individual clients where they are in the therapeutic process and move through their individual journey at a pace in which they are most comfortable.   As a therapist, it is important for me to address my client’s therapeutic needs by formulating an individualized treatment plan and assisting them along their journey towards emotional healing.

I work with adult individual clients facing challenges such as:


        • Difficult Transitions

        • Loss

        • Grief

        • Divorce

        • Emotional Distress

        • Anxiety

        • Depression

        • Self-Esteem

        • Abuse

        • Trauma

        • Individual Growth and Exploration


Therapy and Counseling Services Offered:

Therapy Sessions $120.00 for 45 minute sessions


Counseling Services I Provide:


        • Individual Therapy and Counseling

        • Marriage, Couples, and Relationship Counseling

        • Family Therapy



To Schedule a Session Please Call/Text 949-391-6381 or E-mail OCTherapy@hotmail.com

Tracy-Kate Teleke, PsyD, M.A., LMFT #93438