Family Therapy

Family Graphic 2Many families face struggles and challenges; I believe it is helpful to have a contained therapeutic space for families to express their emotions to each other.  In family therapy, having an objective party to assist with negotiating family conflicts can be very helpful.  I work from a family systems approach and involve as many family members as desired to achieve resolution.  Every family is unique and it is important for me to address the needs of each family and each family member in a way that best suits the entire family.

I work with families facing challenges such as:

• Families in Crisis

• Families Experiencing Divorce

• Families Facing Difficult Transitions

• Families Engaging in Incompatible Communication Styles

• Families Experiencing Conflict or Dissension among Members

• Families in Grief

• Families Facing Multi-Generational Difficulties

• Multicultural and Interfaith Families Struggling with Unification