Couples Counseling

In couples counseling, I believe it is important that each individual is allowed the space to communicate their needs and wants within the relationship.  As a therapist, I provide a space of therapeutic exploration, where  couples can understand and uncover deeper meanings and emotions.  Processing and understanding deeper meanings and emotions often results in more fulfilling relationships with each other.  Furthermore, the exploration of a couples’ challenges will enable couples to develop solutions and relationship building skills through enhanced communication.  Thus creating new relationship patterns, often resulting in bringing couples closer.

I work with couples facing challenges such as:

• Couples in Conflict

• Couples in Crisis Dealing with Interpersonal Relationship Challenges

• Couples Experiencing Domestic Violence

• Couples Feeling Unfulfilled in Their Relationship

• Couples Engaging in Incompatible Communication Styles

• Marriage Counseling

• Pre-Marital Counseling

• Couples Sex Therapy

• LGBTQIA+ Couples Therapy

• Infidelity

• Multicultural and Interfaith Couples and Families Struggling with Unification