Adolescent and Child Therapy

Children PlayingAs a therapist working with adolescents and children, I believe it is important to approach therapy from an individualized approach. Every child is different, and it is important for me as a therapist to formulate a plan that best suits each individual child. When working with children, in addition to traditional therapeutic methods, I utilize varied techniques including play therapy and art therapy. I feel it is important to collaborate with the child and parents in formulating a treatment plan that works best for the individual and family. Working from this approach empowers the child and family to overcome challenges and work together towards solutions.

I work with children and adolescents facing challenges such as:

• Social Adjustments

• School Challenges

• Abuse

• Bullying

• Trauma

• Divorce

• Grief

• Transitions

• Disruption in The Family System

• Emotional Distress

• Anxiety

• Depression

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